An API for tracking an actual human being


Today we have an amazing amount of data being collected. As more and more of us are connecting our every move to the internet, API.nowuh attempts to show how much data is currently being collected for an average person with a fair amount of IoT devices.

This project serves two purposes, and neither are to make you afraid of the future. This first purpose is simply awareness; it's always important to understand how much information on you is possibly out in the ether. The second is for whatever the heck you want. As I continue to build this out, more and more data points will become available. You're free to do whatever you want with it, go nuts.

Anyone is able to use V1 of the API but your IP address may be blocked if suspicious activity is detected.


Activities & devices able to be tracked

Activities & devices available soon

No Longer In Use

All data is collected automatically

None of the data available through this API will be manually input; devices automatically sync to the site in one way or another. Meaning the data should almost always be up to date even if I go on holiday or forget about the project.

Some data may be intentionally changed

Locations may be obfuscated for the sake of a little bit of privacy. Notes will be made next to data points which alter data. These notes will include how the data is changed and why.

Data changes will be consistent, for example, if Dundas Station on my transit report is changed to Cherry Lane, it will always be changed to Cherry Lane. You just won't be given the information of what fake data points map to what real data points.


Do I need an API key?

Not in this version. Version 2 will most likely require one.

You're already planning a second version?

Yes, version 1 is a beta to let me figure out how I want to design this. Version 2 will be more complete since I'll have a better understanding of the big picture.

Can I make my own version (API.jesse, API.nicole, etc.)?

In the near future, I'll open source this codebase. And I'd like to make an interface where you could connect to third party services through a dashboard. Right now, I'm just focused on getting the basic version working.

Is this a good idea?

Probably not; Hell no, if you ask my Mom.

I have questions/concerns

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